Day 75: Laguna Jahuacocha – Chiquian

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019.

Day 11 of Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit by G-adventures

Todays plan:

Laguna Jahuacocha to Chiquian, 6 hrs

Ascend to the last pass of the trip, Shullca Pass (4550m/14928 ft), take in one last view of the stunning Andean ranges before descending to Pocpa to meet the transfer to Chiquian.

After breakfast, leave camp early to tackle the last incline of the trek up to Shullca Pass (4,550m/14,928 ft). Take in the Andes for one last time before descending down the gravel path to Pocpa (3,500m/11,483 ft). Relish in the sense of accomplishment after completing this challenging trek while awaiting the transfer to Chiquian.

Private vehicle to Chiquian”

Another cold night in the tent. The last one. I get up early. Everything is frozen.

The overnight temperature test is negative.

The Llamas are ready and warming up ..

This forgot to brush its teeth in the morning.

We get ready for Lucy’s last “vamos”. Jeff, as always, already in shorts. If you are from Canada, cold has a different meaning.

Laguna Jahuacocha Campsite, 07:30 am, 4.080 masl
10°14’12.4″S 76°57’56.2″W
Pacllon, 02426, Peru
Google Maps

We have given back all empty beer bottles and can start to walk.

Llamas donot take a bridge.

The bar.

I start to walk behind Jeff “the calf”. As I get depressed by his pace and always looking at his calfs, I fall back.

We hike through the flat in direction of our last pass.

Sun touches the mountains

And up again …

Restplace, 08:45 am, 4.289 masl
10°13’30.9″S 76°58’57.1″W
Pacllon, 02426, Peru
Google Maps

We reach the last pass.

Shullca Pass, 09:51 am, 4.540 masl
10°13’11.7″S 76°59’40.0″W
ACP Pacllon, Peru
Google Maps

We can already see Popca village, our goal for today, in the valley.

We start our descent.

Pocpa village, 12:16 pm, 3.524 masl
10°11’40.1″S 77°00’09.6″W
Bolognesi District 02426, Peru
Google Maps

First we get a cold beer for a competitive price. Then they open a smoking compost heap. A traditional meal. Everything (veggies, meat) in a hole in the earth. Spices and plants on top. Hot stones. Earth. Hours later, you can eat it.

Different kinds of mountain potatoes. It is delicious.

After dinner we get into the same bus which was driving us up the first day. Again we drive the windy canyon road, this time in the sun down to Chiquian. After one week a hotel with hot shower and a warm and spacious bed.

The bus gets hot in the afternoon sun, sooner or later everybody sleeps.

Hotel Los Nogales, 16:00 pm, 3.374 masl
Chiquian 02413, Peru
+51 43 447121
Google Maps

We arrive in the hotel, get our big bags we dropped before the hike and our duffle bags. We shower and sort our luggage.

Freddy, our G adventures CEO, is there. He tells us he got a mail. Our Galapagos ship is damaged and we cannot do the journey. It is hard to get connection with our travel agency via the weak network. They will offer us an alternative.

We get dinner in the hotel, qwirkle a last time (the put an oven in the room and it gets cozy warm). After one or more craft beers we go to bed to sleep. A bed to sleep.

The chargers for cell phones, cameras, accu packs him us to sleep.

Accomodation: Hotel Los Nogales, Chiquian

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