Day 76: Chiquian – Lima

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019.

Day 12 of Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit by G-adventures

Todays plan:

Private vehicle: Chiquian – Lima (6 hs)

After breakfast, transfer by private vehicle back to Lima for the night and for some well-deserved rest and a hot shower.”

In the morning we get up late, have a simple breakfast from cornbread at 08:00 am. We answer the question “How do you want your eggs?” as always with “Poached”, well knowing that this will start a new adventure. The waiter accepts tacit. We get a mixture of sunny side up and scrambled, the egg yolks must have been cooked for one hour. Well, we are in the middle of the Andes.

We give back our duffle bags and carry our big luggage to the bus and leave for a 7 hour bus ride to Lima.

Again back through the valleys down to the dry coast and then along the coast to Lima. Everybody gets his own row, we do some stops for baños, one for lunch at a bigger gas station. As soon as cell phone reception is on, Ian starts to work, all others write WhatsApp. I sleep.

We arrive in Miraflores at Hotel Britania. I get a crappy room, three times the key cards for the room do not work inbetween lobby and room. It is a bad omen. I do an upgrade to the suite.

Then we go for last supper to amore in miraflores. Finally Lima and proper food again.

Accomodation: Hotel Britannia Miraflores, Lima, Peru

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