Day 70: Lomo Ollocuyoc – Laguna Carhuacocha

Thursday, June 6th, 2019.

Day 6 of Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit by G-adventures

Todays plan:

Loma Ollocuyoc to Laguna Carhuacocha, 7 hrs

Continue the trek along Laguna Mitucocha with Mt Yerupaja, Mt Rondoy and Mt Ninashanca towering in the background as you pass through Carhuacocha Pass (4,650m/15,256 ft) along a gradual incline.

Enjoy views of Mt Yerupaja, the highest peak in Huayhuash. Descend into the hanging valley and peer into turquoise Lake Carhuacocha. The campsite for the night is just below the lake at 4,130m/13,550 ft with stunning views of the surrounding peaks.”

Same morning procedure as yesterday. Wakeup at 06:00 am by Karina with Kokatea, then hot water, 06:45 am breakfast, tents clean and 07:30 am “Vamos”.

Of course the first alarm goes a quarter of an hour earlier. I climb out of my sleeping bag. The night was even colder. I had used my silk inline and the provided polyester bag over the sleeping bag. The polyester outline is wet from condensation. I climb out of the tent to the toilet. The grass is frozen. So is my towel and my flannel.

But sun is already rising ..

I am continuously loosing oxygen saturation due to high altitude

Breakfast doesnot help out much, the Nescafe with canned milk will kill me.

At 07:30 am Lucy shouts out “Vamos”. Nix vamos, the Brits are not ready yet. So it is 7:40.

Mitucocha Campsite 07:30, 4.241 masl
10°10’51.0″S 76°53’25.7″W
Queropalca, 10650, Peru
Google Maps

We all leave packed in multiple layers.

I got mountains in my eyes …

We leave Mitucocha in direction Carhuacocha Pass. It is flat, then straight up. As soon as the sun is out and we walk up, we change and take off layer after layer.

After one hour the donkeys overrun us.

Break 11:40, 4.209 masl
10°14’30.2″S 76°52’14.4″W
Queropalca, 10650, Peru

We continue to a pass to Laguna Carhuacocha, the viewpoint where all those cordillera huayhuash photos are taken.

The bridge is not for heavy load.

The campsite has a view.

Hecitacally washing procedures start.

The brave jump in the river, I prefer the lake. It is not too cold.

My tent has seaview

We go for lunch.

Thank God a lot of carbohydrates. They must hide below the rice ..m

We do a lot of qwirkeling.

Dinner doesnot get more. I will have another cereal bar before going to sleep.

Lucy says tomorrow is the hardest day, so no option walking, take a rest in the afternoon.

Todays hike:

Campsite Laguna Carhuacocha 4.198 masl
10°14’37.7″S 76°51’34.5″W
Provinz Lauricocha, Peru
Google maps

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