Day 71: Laguna Carhuacocha – Cordillera Huayhuash

Friday, June 7th, 2019.

Day 7 of Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit by G-adventures

Todays plan:

Laguna Carhuacocha to Cordillera Huayhuash, 8 hrs

Trek through Siula Pass, with its towering peaks and glacial lagoons of varying shades of turquoise and blue, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place more beautiful.

Today it is a long, gradual climb out of the valley with the impressive Mt Yerupaja as a beautiful backdrop. Followed by a steep, rocky climb up to the Siula Pass (4,800m/15,784 ft), made famous by Joe Simpson on his fateful hike. Descend down to the campsite for the night Huayhuash campsite (4,400m/14,436 ft).”

Same procedure, early alarm clock, the coca tea comes later every day, warm water to wash before breakfast. Everybody does in the morning cold a short face splash only – the washing seems to be more a warm afternoon thing.

I run down to the lagoon to get a picture of the mirror effect. It is worth it.

With the still warm water from the bottles, we take hot in the evening into our sleeping bags, we brush our teeth. Breakfast.

The Llamas get ready, too.

Campsite Carhuacocha 07:30, 4.198 masl
10°14’37.7″S 76°51’34.5″W
Provinz Lauricocha, Peru
Google Maps

At 07:30 Lucy shouts “Vamos”, 10 minutes later we are on the way. Uphill along the Laguna.

Weather is awful.

First check. Lucy gets out her papers and gets a stamp. I give the lady some stuff from my lunch package. She doesnot even smile.

Instead her sheep shouts at me.

09:31, 4.334 masl we change. It is getting hot: Stefan = -2 layers …
10°16’10.4″S 76°52’20.8″W
Jesus, 10530, Peru
Google Maps

More an more wildlife is crossing our path

We drop our backpacks and hike up a path to reach the first viewpoint.

Viewpoint 11:09, 4.507 masl
10°17’07.9″ s 76°51’51.0″w
Jesus, 10530, Peru
Google Maps

After we shot our photos, we come have a short snack and go further up …

11:44, 4.532 masl
10°17’00.9″ s 76°51’52.1″w
Jesus, 10530, Peru
Google Maps

Until we reach the next viewpoint. Los tres Lagunas. They shimmer turquoise in the sun light.

We continue to lunch and then further up to the Siula pass.

Siula pass 14:03, 4.734 masl not really 4.800 mask, they overdue
10°17’15.1″ s 76°51’19.9″w
Jesus, 10530, Peru
Google Maps

At 15:39 we reach our campsite at 4.424 masl
10°18’54.1″ s 76°50’43.9″w
Jesus, 10530, Peru
Google Maps

My garmin watch shoes a not so accurate hiking path. I cannot remember running circles.

Huayhuas campsite.

Our handwash bassin

Night falls over the toilet house.

Todays hike: 8 exhausting hours with lots of elevation gain, we all sleep early as night promises to get cold …

Accomodation: Cordilera Huayhuash Campsite

16:31, 4.393 masl
10°19’40.2″ s 76°50’36.9″w
Jesus, 10530, Peru
Google Maps

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