Day 66: Lima – Huaraz

Sunday, June 2nd, 2019.

Day 2 of Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit by G-adventures

Todays plan:

Lima to Huaraz

Travel north by bus to the alpine city of Huaraz, surrounded by the stunning snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range.

Local bus: Lima – Huaraz 8h
Climb aboard, grab a seat, and enjoy the ride.”

I get up early and run to the banco de la nacion ATM, since I run out of money and didnot get money yesterday. It works. I do three turns. Obviously the banco de la nacion (redbanc) ATMs are free, but limited to 400 soles (~107 eur) per turn, and every Visa can only do 2 turns within 48 hours.

Back to the hotel, Breakfast in the hotel. No cereals but colored loops, spaghetti carbonara and beef stew. Anyway the room was nice.

At 7:45 am I go down to the lobby. The group is already waiting. At 8:00 am we go with a private transport to Cruz del Sur station, I get a coffee and get into the bus. Planned 8 hrs ride begin. Good luck that G adventures booked a first class bus.

We drive up the Peruvian pacific coast. It is very desert.

Then we turn east and drive up rocky valley after valley. There is wine and corn planted. In the dry areas harvested yellow, orange or purple corn is lying to dry. The bus suffers uphill with 30 to 40 kmh. It is not really green.

Sky gets clearer and clearer the more up we go.

First white rocks get into sight.

We cross a high plateau.

Until we arrive 1.5 hours late in Huarez.

The bus was driving like a snail. The unloading is, hmm, very south American.

A private transfer is already waiting for us, picking us with our luggage and brings us to the hotel. We meet 10 minutes later and go for dinner together to a restaurant “trivia restobar” in town. They serve lots of craft beer, the shaman with more than 10 % of alcohol.

There is not a lot of options, so I take some meat.

Then we walk home. It is already freezing cold. Last chance to turn around.

Accomodation: Hotel Residencial NG, Huaraz, Peru

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