Day 67: Huaraz

Monday, June 3rd, 2019.

Day 3 of Trekking the Huayhuash Circuit by G-adventures

Todays plan:

Huaraz – Acclimatization

Enjoy a free day to acclimatize to the altitude. There are a lot of opportunities for optional activities like exploring the city, biking in the mountains, or heading into Huascaran National Park. Relax in the evening at a café and soak in the natural scenery.”

We get up and have a very basic breakfast. The hosts in Hotel Residencial runs and serve, it doesnot change the breakfast. I ask for a bowl and sacrifice my emergency cereals. The coffee is strong. As the rooms the whole hotel is space limited.

We meet our hiking guide Lucy, take our backpacks and enter the waiting bus to drive to our acclimatization walk to the lagoons of national parque de huascaran. It is a 2 hour drive up to cordillera blanco. We just stop at a viewpoint.

There is cactus with a worm, living on it. The worm is red and traditionally use for coloring fabric and food.

Plan is to walk part of the Sendero Maria Josef through a forest and to the lagoons of Chinancocha.

We get out of the minibus in the middle of nowhere and start to walk through a forest along a river …

9°03’46.6″S 77°37’58.6″W
Llanganuco Orconcocha, 02160, Peru
google maps

The sky is blue, the white mountains surrounding us are breathtaking.

Lucy explains the walk and what to take care of …

Then we arrive at the car and drive home. There is a lot of agriculture around.

Everybody is tired and falls sooner or later asleep.

Back in the hotel in Huaraz we drop our stuff and leave for lunch. In the lobby there is 24×7 telenuevelas.

We go for California Cafe late lunch. Classic touristic backpackers food.

Then we walk through busy Huarez. Everything is supply for locals or ready for a cordillera blanco trek here. Touristic boom town.

The dentists transparency is a little bit too.much for me …

I walk home to my cozy room and pack my duffle bag (to be carried by a llama) and my daypack. As freddy said “recommendation 10 kgs” I put everything in (accupack, emergency food, …) and pass the gauge. In this case the DSLR with the heavy optics will join me. I try to charge everything 105 %, roll my travel pillow, get my rented sleeping bag (they say comfort zone -3°) for 8 usd per day (64 usd total, I could have bought one!!!).

The big luggage will be dropped at a g adventures hotel, where we will end the trek.

The we go for dinner … last supper …

Jirón Julián de Morales, Huaraz 02001, Peru
+51 944 455 956
Google Maps
it is very traditional peruvian food, no english menu. Swiss michael tries the trout, well knowing that he doesnot like fish. he is very brave, he finishea it all.

Accomodation: Hotel Residencial NG, Huaraz, Peru

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