Day 50: Bogota

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Todays plan:

Bogota Free day”

Nothing planned today. I think about running up Monserrat again, but then I turn in bed and sleep on. Everywhere on the street you can buy good coffee for 800 pesos (20 eurocent) and mixed fruits for 2.500 (a plastic cup of mango and papaya). I get Cranky Croc breakfast topped up with fruits from the street.

Then I join a free walking tour I booked with That means I try. Nobody is at the meeting point. I write the a harsh mail – they forgot to adapt the starting times on guruwalk. Welcome to Colombia. I go back to cranky croc and join there city walking tour.

Better lock your door comm, otherwise it will vanish at night.

Main square.

Presidential palace. Highly secured.


The tour is well done by a young student girl. They taste the Colombian variant of chicha, go and play tajo, visit main square and most of historical buildings. The guide recommends to me to go to Botero museo, Moseo San Augustin and go and try soup at La Puerta de la Catedral. At the end we drink coffee and tip her 50.000 pesos.

As clouds look like rain, we go to Museo Botero. It is free. Botero is the fat people guy. The museo has a vast collection of 20th century art including some picassos, …

In the evening I go once more for chicken soup.

Accomodation: Cranky Croc, Bogota

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