Day 51: Bogota

Saturday, May 18th, 2019.

Todays plan:

Bogota – no plan”

I get up and do like the locals do. Go to Monserrat. But first, street coffee. They offer everything, have a heater, even a milk frother. And the small espresso (tinto) for 0,25 eur.

Business is good Saturday early.

And up we go. We are not alone.

Bogota from above in better weather conditions than last time …

3.109 m altitude before breakfast.

I donot think that this was the path I went, Garmin? I guess that it was 8 km, not more. But +532 meters altitude seems feasible.

Then I have cranky croc breakfast. I love Australians and their breakfast habits. On the way back I buy mixed fruits for 4.000 2 cups.

Then I go to city center for a guru walk. Guru never appears …

So I go I museo colonial (museo San augustin) at plaza mayor. Entrance is free. I get an entrance ticket anyway.

Then I walk along presidential palace (heavy protected) and get contacted by the history professor of the president, who wants to show me the presidential museo, weird guy, better not

Then I go with Uber to a coffee shop in Districto Rosa, have a cake there and go into an old hacienda museo. It is free, too.

Uber brings me home and I go for a soup again


I do the checkin for tomorrow to Quito, Ecuador and pack my things.

Accomodation: Cranky Croc, Bogota

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