Day 42: Puntas Gallinas – Riohacha

Thursday, May 9th, 2019.

Day 13 of Colombian Caribbean Highlights by Bamba adventures

Todays itinerary:

Puntas Gallinas to Riohacha

After breakfast, travel back to Uribia by boat and visit the beaches of Playa Hondita and Playa Honda. After enjoying lunch in Uribia, get on board of the van to return to Riohacha, where you will spend the night.”

We get up to have breakfast at 07:00 am. I have a shower with 300 ml of water. Yesterday, the guy who runs the hostel here, told us they bring every drop of sweet water through the desert on a 3 hrs drive.

We go for delicious breakfast to be ready to leave at 08:00 am. Unlike mentioned in the itinerary there is no boat. There haven’t been flamingos either. Bamba really needs to work on their promises and on delivery.

Breakfast is simple but fine. As long as we get arepa and eggs, I can survive. After a discussion, they understand to bring me a bowl of hot drinking water and a spoon, so I can have cereals, too.

I wait for the others in a hammock to get ready.

I like their building style. The wires are made out of old car tires, they cut so fine.

We start to drive in direction Uribe, capital of the I indigenous north. Road is often locked by kids or aged. We have to “pay” with cookies, drinking water in plastic bags, grounded coffee, white bread. The driver has at his feet tons of this.

Stop for a swim

And finally arrive to Uribe, capital of Venezuelan fuel contraband.

Ther we get … full fish deep fried for lunch

And drive on to Riohacha. There we say goodbye to the Bogota girls and to Jonathan and I get dropped off at Happiness Hostel. The room of last time is now occupied. Another guest! So I get one in the basement, no window, but big shower. Fine for one night.

I walk to the bus station to try to switch my bus ticket to morning instead of late afternoon. Better same time in Santa Marta than in Riohacha. It is a little bit complicated. They donot understand English and cannot read Google translate. In the end I leave with this ticket and have no glue when my bus leaves.

I go to the supermarket for water and yogurt, then to the hostel, then for dinner to the Arab restaurant, which is TripAdvisor number one here. Al Arz Delicias arabes. A Lebanese guy who does amazing Lebanese food.

Super delicious food.

On my way to happiness hostel there is public sports.

I stand and watch, but no participation. They are all super motivated.

Accommodation: happiness hostal.

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