Day 43: Riohacha to Santa Marta

Friday, May 10th, 2019.

Day 14 and last day of Colombian Caribbean Highlights by Bamba adventures

Todays itinerary:

Riohacha to Santa Marta

Today, you will be picked up from your accommodation in Riohacha to be transferred back to Santa Marta. Choose to be dropped off at the bus terminal or airport to continue your travels. If you prefer you can book extra nights at the Santa Marta hostel to enjoy more days in the Caribbean.

*Please note that your flight today must depart no earlier than 5:00pm in order to reach the airport on time.”

After another “delicious” breakfast in Happiness hostel I put together my things and walk 20 minutes to the central bus station of Riohacha. As it turns out, bus leaves somewhen at 10:00 am, estimated time of arrival 13:30 hrs.

This time the seat backrest is fixable. Which doesnot mean the bus is newer. We leave the city.

Not gracias, no gafas del sol. First bus trader survived. Even if she had the very strong opinion that I need new gafas. Polarized, rayban, sure.

The bicycles here are GT pro performer style.

Next, food. The drive gets as a tax a piece that looks like half a goat.

Speeding is very transparent.

In Santa Marta I get off and take a yellow taxi to Rua hostel. It rained. The taxi driver has to take a route where roads are not underwater.

He drops us for 10.000 pesos in front of rua hostel. I go to staircase, get my big luggage, perfectly safe, now dusty. They reserved the same room 801 for me, but want to switch me to another room, because a cabinet is broken. I am fine with the broken cabinet. It is 5 minutes to fix it with the leatherman and my gaffa tape. “Be prepared” as the boy scouts say.

I get a small lunch at the Origen Arte Santo.

Then I walk to the Eco Supermarket (“Carulla Bellavista”) and get some yogurt for breakfast.

I bring my shopping prey home and go for dinner to Carambol.

Then I walk home, get an icecream on my way through Carrera 3, check in tomorrows flight, pack my stuff flight ready and go to sleep.

Accomodation: Rua hostal, Santa Marta

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