Day 41: Cabo de la Vela – Puntas Gallinas

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019.

Day 12 of Colombian Caribbean Highlights by Bamba adventures

Todays itinerary:

Cabo de la Vela to Puntas Gallinas
After a delicious breakfast, it is time to continue your trip towards Punta Gallinas, a desert landscape of huge bays and empty beaches. Along the way, visit Parque Eólico “Jepirachi” (Wind Park) to take some pictures, and then keep going through the deserted way through Puerto Bolivar and Portete Bay, before reaching Pusheo for some delicious lunch. Continue your trip to the Dunes, Taroa beach and the lighthouse of Punta Gallinas. Dinner and overnight in Punta Gallinas on traditional Hammocks.”

I slept well. No Mosquitos at all. A light brise was flowing through the bungalow all night. The announced cold night did not happen. I try shower with the bit of water available – I change to public showers – better. Then I go and check out the “delicious breakfast”.

Cheese, egg, whitebread, coffee. I can survive with that. There are not a lot of kite surfers.

We put our luggage in the trunk of the Toyota. Girls bought some souvenirs, traditional bags of the indigenous, it gets thight.

First station is a wind park, something sensational here. I like more the cactus fence around the building.

We continue to drive. Lots of desert.

At noon we reach cabo de la Vela, where we will sleep tonight. It is a little bit secluded.

The rooms are brand new and nice.

Hammock place is very open and traditionally built

We have dinner. Deep fried fish, what else.

Then we go for the top north of south America.

This is the top most point. Now I saw both, Cape hoorn in the south 2018, puntas gallinas 2019.

Then we go for the beach at the dunes. There we do some sandboarding and wait for the sunset and then go back.

In the evening – deep fried fish. Was a better choice then the goat meet. The Bogota girls get close friends with the local manager of the hostel. They improve his breakfast ordering method.

Accomodation: Puntas Gallinas

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