Day 89: Lima (Peru)

Sunday, March, 25th 2018: Day 9 of G-Adventures of Amazon river boat adventures in depth PVIIA

With our arrival at Hotel San Augustin in Lima the G-Adventures program of the Amazon riverboat adventure ended.

25.03.2018 07:00 S 12°07.6104 W 077°01.7450′ altitude 84 masl @ Hotel San Augustin Exclusive, Lima, Room 510

We sleep long and then go for breakfast immediately to Courtyard Mariott. Olga is still there, recognizes us and takes care.

We got back to our hotel, get ready for a day in the city and leave again. We meet the others in the lobby, the go to indian markets in Miraflores. We take the bus to the city center. As we see outside a lot of traditional clothed people at Plaza San Martin, we get off the bus.

We ask a man, he speaks only litte english, but explains that they are people from Ayacucho region, they dress up here and then, in 2 hours or so, they walk to the bull-fighting arena, because there is a big dancing festival of different local communities.

So we go from Plaza San Martin to the city center.

While we walk through the city, we try to find my Peru magnet with the wooden Nazca Hummingbird. This is very hard. At the end we buy more stuff. There is a lot of Palm Sunday processions throughout Lima. Weird thing is, that a lot of people carry a lot of statues, but no one follows.

Try to go to the Inquisition Museum, but it is closed for renovation.

In the afternoon we got to Plaza Mayor de Lima again. The priest in the catherdral shouts agains a Jesus christ superstar musical performance.

We take the bus home, safe the life of peruvian woman there.

We had to reward ourselfes at Cavallis.

25.03.2018 17:00 S 12°07.5255′ W 077°01.6914′ altitude: 203 masl @ Cavallis

We have our last peruvian dinner at La lucha.

On the way home we see again the elders dancing in the Park. We stop by.

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