Day 88: Amazon, Nauta, Iquitos, Lima (Peru)

Saturday, March, 24th 2018: Day 8 of G-Adventures of Amazon river boat adventures in depth PVIIA

24.03.2018 06:30 S 04°31.0929′ W 073°34.3948′ altitude 92,6 masl @ aboard Amatista at Nauta city across Amazon

Wakeup call is at 6:30 am. We pack our staff together and put the heavy luggage in front of the cabin. The luggage will travel separately to Iquitos Airport. At 7:00 am we have breakfast and leave the Amatista at 08:00 am with the skiff to Nauta. Weather is not promising …

2018-03-24 08-57-17 NOTE 20180324_125717

24.03.2018 08:30 S 04°30.6952′ W 073°34.7472′ altitude 91 masl @ Nauta harbour

We board a G Adventures bus and drive the djungle road to Iquitos for about an hour.

There we stop at the Amazonian Manatee Sanctuary. A place where they take care about wounded or captured endangered Amazonian species to get them ready for wilderness again and put them out into the park. Especially manatees.

24.03.2018 10:00 S 03°49.0787′ W 073°19.3445′ altitude 108 masl @ Amazonian Manatee Sanctuary

There JC introduces us to our local guide and we do a 1 hour tour. The guide explains the educational aspects and which species they take care of and why they are endangered.

We will fly from Iquitos Airport at 01:00 pm. JC brings us at 11:00 am to the airport. Better early than late. Checkin opens at 11:00 am, so we checkin and go for a beer with the group.

24.03.2018 11:00 S 03°47.0730′ W 073°18.1666′ altitude 95.5 masl @ iquitos airport

Flight 21: LatAm LA2241 from Iquitos (IQT) 13:00 to Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima (LIM) 15:05 duration: 2h05; all on time

24.03.2018 14:54 S 12°01.3315 W 077°06.4802′ altitude 32.2 masl @ Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima

In Lima a G Adventures lady is waiting at Arrivals and brings us to a G Adventures bus. On the way to Lima, Miraflores she offers us to book transports to the airport. We book one. We arrive in Hotel San Augustin Exclusive, Lima. They try to give us a room to the street, third floor. We ask last time to keep the same room to the back (more quiet), with this help to remember we finally get room 511. Spacious and quiet.

24.03.2018 16:05 S 12°07.6104 W 077°01.7450′ altitude 84 masl @ Hotel San Augustin Exclusive, Lima, Room 515

We tell the others that we’ll gonna go to Fratelli Cavallis for a Gin Tonic (or two) and dinner …

24.03.2018 17:14 S 12°07.5255′ W 077°01.6914′ altitude: 203 masl @ Cavallis

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