Day 87: Amazon onboard Amatista (Peru)

Friday, March, 23rd 2018: Day 7 of G-Adventures of Amazon river boat adventures in depth PVIIA

Cloudy, no rain, barometer rising to 1.026.2 mbar.

23.03.2018 07:18 S 04°29.1293′ W 073°56.9018′ altitude: 95 masl @ overnight Anchor position of Amatista somewhere south of Nauta on Marañon river

Late wake up at 07:00 am. Breakfast aboard 07:30 am. They announced one bag free washing per cabin yesterday evening. The washing machine was tumbling the whole night under my bed. My swimming shorts and my microfaser towel are outside on the lifesaving ring to dry. Zero more dry than yesterday. Humidity must be 100 %.

Ship lifts anchor and sails to the next village.

23.03.2018 08:42 S 04°30.5974′ W 073°54.7034′ altitude: 95 masl @ local community on Marañon river

Kids are sitting on the riverbank and watch every step of us on the ship.

At 09:00 am we leave the ship in the skiff to meet a local shaman. She is not old, has super long hair, mother of two. She learned from her grandfather four years and serves 4 communities. She explains the plants she uses for her rituals. She does mainly analysis, non invasive medicine and rituals against bad karma and curses. And she sells some handicrafts. She cleans Mike with tobacco.

Then she tells us he is strong. Mike was 10 years in canadian navy and then max security prison guard. We knew that Mike is strong.

She does a public cleansing ritual with us.

Mike and the Shaman

The Shaman

23.03.2018 10:13 S 04°30.5379′ W 073°54.7098′ altitude 98 masl @ the shamans ritual place close to the community

We leave for lunch back to the ship. Today they crafted a turtle out of my towel. I try to analyze but fail. I take the Qwirkle and we start playing three rounds.

The towel turtle


Then we have lunch, siesta to 3:30 pm.

At 3:30 pm we leave the Amatista again to go Piranha fishing. We get a stick with a fishing hook and some bait and fish. I get a makrele. Some of us get small Piranhas. It is catch and release – no eating of Piranhas. They are not dangerous, we are told. They eat only dead meet, so as long as you are alive …

My Macrele

23.03.2018 17:07 S 04°34.6005′ W 073°44.6702′ altitude 99 masl @ Piranha fishing in a sidearm of the Marañon river close to Nauta

After fishing the locals come with dugout canoes to paddle us around. Our local looks so hungry, I help paddling.

choosing the canoe

<a href=";

We take anchor close to Nauto (on the other side of the amazon, as always tied to a tree on the riverbank).

23.03.2018 19:30 S 04°31.0929′ W 073°34.3948′ altitude 97 masl @ Amatista overnight anchor position on Marañon river opposite Nauta city

In the evening everybody gets a certificate, that he sailed the amazon. We hug each others, the junkie monkeys play once again on the upperdeck, then we drink and go to sleep.

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