18/03/22 Day 86: Amazon onboard Amatista (Peru)

Day 6 of G-Adventures of Amazon river boat adventures in depth PVIIA

6:00 am wakeup music by the junky monkeys. We slept close to a grass field with a lot of birds. Nobody is still asleep.

6:30 am boarding the skiff, driving around, breakfast on board

22.03.2018 06:31 S 04°38.9398′ W 073°47.4786′ altitude: 98 masl @ sidearm of the Marañon river close to Nauta

2.03.2018 08:34 S 04°36.3084′ W 073°54.3896′ altitude: 104.5 masl @ Swimming in a sidearm of Marañon river inside Pacaya-Samiria national reserve

Some of us get off the skiff in the arm while the others go further up the river. We go for a swim in the amazon. Current is strong like in a whirlpool. Depending on how close you are to the river bank it tows you either in one or the other direction. You have to swim smart. Pink dolphins join us swimming. No Piranha bit me.

We go back to the Amatista and have lunch at 12:30 pm. Then we head up to a river community. We leave there with the skiff the Amatista again to go for a bushwalk. Before I hit the new score …

22.03.2018 14:30 S 04°30.5978′ W 073°54.6979′ altitude: 98 masl @ river community upstream of Nauta at Marñon river

Some termites, really salty

Batman …

Getting water from the djungle Liane.

Our guide builds a bridge of the dangerous river …

Back to the ship before Mosquito happy hour starts …

22.03.2018 15:53 S 04°29.1535′ W 073°57.0765′ altitude: 98 masl @ bushwalk in Pacaya-Samiria upstream of Nauta

At 05:30 pm we are back and get a concert of the junky monkeys at 06:30 pm, then an hour later dinner.

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