Day 85: Wednesday, 21st March: Amazonas aboard Amatista (Peru)

Day 5 of G-Adventures of Amazon river boat adventures in depth PVIIA

5:30 am Early wake-up. We anchored at an island where the rivers join. On the island is a lot of high grass with parrokids living inside. If we want to watch them wake up … 5:30 am is the time. It gets very noisy anyway.

21.03.2018 06:29 S 04°26.9870′ W 073°27.2496′ altitude: 88 masl @ join of Rio Ucayali and Marañon

At 6:30 am we lift anchor and Amatista starts to cruise to Nauta town.

At 7:30 am we have breakfast, at 09:15 am we go on land in Nauta town, the regional capital.

We go on our own to the market. It is super sunny and hot. We decide not to go in the meat hall of the market. The smell awakes the dead.

We buy some additional mosquito repellant. Super extremo style.

The we walk to plaza mayor. There we visit the bar. One of us is not far to get marriwd with the bar lasy. We leave as she hands over her cell phone number.

Nauta plaza mayor

We hire some Tuk Tuks and cruise through the city to a pond with sone huge amazonian fish and turtles. The pond is used to teach the locals in not overhunting these fish.

As usual we get the opportunity to buy unique handicraft. JC is super happy as he found out somebody built a model of the Amatista. As he changes job soon, he buys it as a memory.

Laguna Sapi Sapi

At 12:00 we return to the boat for lunch and start to cruise further river up. JC briefs us, as always after lunch for the afternoon, after dinner for next day.

At 15:30 we go off the boat in the skiff to expore some black water river arms.

21.03.2018 15:29 S 04°35.4988′ W 073°40.0161′ altitude: 100 masl @ upstream Nauta on Marañon river

21.03.2018 16:47 S 04°37.6488′ W 073°39.2150′ altitude: 98 masl @ sidearm of Marañon inside Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

21.03.2018 17:15 S 04°38.5900′ W 073°39.1802′ altitude: 98 masl @ deeper inside Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

At 19:00 we have dinner. At 20:00 we leave the boat for a night walk in the djungle.

There is some kind of biting flys here. Bad luck if you sit on a dark boat with a thin hiking trousers and a million of these flys attacks you. I am ready to drive crazy of the itching.

21.03.2018 20:21 S 04°33.7038′ W 073°38.6400′ altitude: 100 masl @ night walk

We see anacondas, boa constructor, frogs, scorpions, a tarantula, 1.000 mosquitos and a lot of darkness. JC handles the snakes fearless and with a lot of routine.

21.03.2018 21:24 S 04°33.6110′ W 073°38.4725′ altitude: 250 masl @ night walk

21.03.2018 21:50 S 04°35.5410 W 073°40.0140′ altitude: 229 masl @ overnight position of the Amatista on Marañon river

Sunset at Marañon river:

We go to sleep.

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