Day 80: Friday, 16th March: Cusco to Lima (Peru)

Day 7 of G-Adventures Inca Trail Tour – SPIT

In the morning nobody shakes my tent. No jacuzzi service instead hot water and a flushing toilet in the bathroom. Life can be soo easy in a three star hotel. Anyway the hotel is super noisy inside. A group of girls is starting inca trail today and is sharing their sorrows with me at 7 am in front of my door. The noise they create with bringing their luggage down from the 2nd floor to the basement makes me think how they will do in hiking up the slippery stairs on inca trail.

We skip hotel breakfast, get our luggage flight ready and leave the Hotel Prisma, Cusco in direction Jacks Cafe. It is raining, but gets already less. We cross Banco de nacion, get more liquidity. Then Jacks Cafe.

Life is good in the civilization.

We go back to the hotel, hug all tour members which are visible, get at 10:00 am our luggage from the storage and a taxi for 10 soles (2.5 eur) to the airport.

Huge queue. Thank you Lufthansa for being Senator. Buy water, get through security and I continue writing my blog.

FLIGHT19: Avianca AV842 from A Velasco Astete, Cusco (CUZ) 12:00 to Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima (LIM) 13:25 duration: 1:25h

Flight overbooked in Eco. Bad luck.

Thats how Avianca tells you that they like you. I like you, too Avianca.

The taxi in Lima from Airport to San Auguston Exclusive Hotel in Lima, Miraflores takes longer than the flight. But he plays good music.

In the hotel we negotiate a better room (up and away from the street, the girl at the reception solves every problem).

Our next step is to get the laundry from inca trail done. We pack 2 big bags and run around miraflores to find an express laundry which does the laundry until tommorow. Not so easy. As we find one, we need to reward ourselfes at fratelli cavalli with a little snack.

And from the afternoon snack we migrate directly to dinner …

Then, white linnen, double queen size …

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