Day 81: Saturday, 17th March: Lima (Peru)

Day 1 of G-Adventures of Amazon river boat adventures in depth PVIIA

We get up and check the breakfast inHotel San Augustin, Lima. Not bad, not impressive. After our last breakfast experiences we have to catch up and leave to courtyard, miraflores and take a buffet brekkie for 110 soles (22 eur for both of us).

Olga, our super super friendly waitress, smelled our special need for exceptional breakfast and takes care of us and makes the breakfast perfect. Thank you, Olga!

After breakfast we go get to our laundry. 4.45 kgs für 26 somes (6 eur). It would be cheaper to send my shirts to have them cleaned here, than to give them a laundry in Austria.

We bring the stuff to the hotel and go to the beach. Have one cocktail after the other at Segundo Muelle at Playa Barranquito and watch the surfers and peruvian louis vuitton carriers.

At 18:00 is the briefing for our next G-Adventures trip. We need to be serious until then again.

Gladys doesnot tell us more than we already know. But she does enthusiastic and with a voice that keeps us awake, for sure. Tomorrow wake up call 6:00 am, 7:00 am to the airport, 10:05 am flight to Iquitos; some restaurant recommemdations we already know they are not ours. G Adventures tags for the luggage, double check your passports (seem to be a patented G Adventures phasis), small pisco sour we donot take and off we go.

Fratelli Cavalli is awaiting us for dinner. We have the gin tonics in good remembers.

9:00 pm home, lightly drunk and last night in double queen size bed. Before we ask the reception nicely for the same room next time. And no Gianna, we didnot tip the receptionist upfront.

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