Day 79: Thursday, 15th March: Inca Trek: Wiñay wayna Camp to Macchu Piccu to Cusco (Peru)

Day 6 of G-Adventures Inca Trail – SPIT

3:30 am wake up. Outside it is black and wet, cold. The night in the tent was warm and dry. I hate group dynamics.

I get up, to the toilets wash myself. Everywhere is luggage not to get wet. The water is icecold. Fine. Back to the tent, complete raingear on. I am ready at 3:50 am. The porters are already breaking down my tent. He, i am still in. I go for breakfast. A lot of headlamps are running around and breaking down the camp in high speed. The porters need to be down at the train station with all the stuff at 5 am, otherwise they walk to Ollantaytambo.

No Jacuzzi service, no hot koka tea, but rush. Little breakfast only.

The bathroom and toilets at Winay wayna campsite nr. 1:

4:20 am we leave and queue up at the entrance. We are not alone.

At 5:30 am the door is opened and the inca trail hikers can go in to the sun door. Rohody takes a gear up than the days before: “keep to the mountain side”

The road is narrow and wet. Sometimes it looks quite far down:

We arrive at the monkey stairs:

Than a short narrow path:

We are at the sun door. The sun is not.

We are at the sun gate. The sun is not.

So we walk down to the citadel.

Llamas everywhere. They donot tend to give way on the narrow path.

In Macchu Piccu Rohody brings us to some viewpoints to take photos and then out to the flushing toilets, then cafe. Cappuchino, coke zero, a hot sandwich and a chocolate brownie.

Then we go in and Rohody starts the guided tour. Very interesting and completely different stuff to the academic tour last time after the Lares Trek.

After the guided tour in Macchu Piccu by Rohody we walk around a little bit, but it is far too hot and too sunny and there is really weird people around, so we take the bus down.

As we arrive in Aguas Calientes we go the restaurant, where we ate with the Lares Trek guys.

Then we join the others to pick up duffle bags and to thank Joseph, our assistant CEO (who always had all papers before Rohody needed them in his hand).

We go to the train. The train has serious delay. Another train engine overheated on the track and needed to be towed away. We wait hours.

We go to the track and wait another hour.

Finally a train arrives. We get in and leave.

We arrive late in Ollantaytambo, get our bus, get the Souvenirs, drive home to Cusco. At 11 pm we arrive, give Rohody a good bye and tip. He did great. Finally we can have our hot shower and a bedroom with flushing toilet after a 20+ hours day.

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