Day 78: Wednesday, 14th March: Inca Trail: Paqaymaya Camp to Wiñaywayna Camp (Peru)

Day 5 of G-Adventures Inca Trail – SPIT

Slept good in my tent. I get used to it. It raines a lot during the night. The tents are unexpected waterproof and isolating. G Adventure uses 3 person tents for 2. So there is enough space to put backbags in. Under the tent they put an additional plastic tarp (to keep it from getting dirty) and in the tent, too. So there is a perfect space in the edge beside the entrance, between tent bottom and blue plastic tarp for your wet and dirty hiking boots.

There is no pillow provided. I got my own superlight and put the G-adventures duffle bag with my clothes beneath. That is confortable.

The supplied sleeping bags (Deuter Orbit -5°) are a little bit tight for me but keep warm.

It is super foggy and wet. From time to time it drizzles.

The campsite is in terrasses. Tents close to each other. To go to toilet you have to cross a mountain river via an improvised bridge.

4.03.2018 06:30 S 13°14.0609′ W 072°29.8840′ altitude: 3.657 masl @ Paqaymayo Camp

We got up at 05:30 am, breakfast at 06:00 am. While we are having breakfast, Porter team 4 is already breaking down camp, packing and running. I cannot explain, how they get the tents dry every afternoon. The break them down, pack them and carry them completely wet.

At 06:45 am we leave Paqaymayo camp.

Out first goal is Runquraqay pass at 3.950 masl where we can see, if we are lucky with the weather, cordilliera Vilcabamba. So for the first one and a half hour it is up again. Lots of stoney stairs, very slippery. Rohody as usual in front. If you get close he is switching to superspeed, covered in approximately 7 layers of gore-tex-polartec-fleece-transtex, not moving his hands, breathing or any sweatdrop while hiking up at all. Andean mountain machine.

The path is “inca flat” (means straight up).

14.03.2018 07:28 S 13°13.7020′ W 072°30.0973′ altitude: 3.804 masl @ First Break at Runkuraqay ruins.

Rohody explains building and architecture. A technical stop to let all our porters pass, which follow us high tempo.

Shortly before Runkuraqay Pass “Lesson”: Medio Luna: Rohody explains us Incan weapons technology:

After 2 hours we reach Runkuraqay pass. Only 300 m altitude, but after yesterdays 1.200 m it feels like more.

14.03.2018 08:42 S 13°13.6006′ W 072°30.3208′ altitude: 3.968 masl @ Runkuraqay Pass

It is very foggy. So we continue fast.

14.03.2018 09:54 S 13°13.6939′ W 072°30.9937′ altitude: 3.665 masl @ Sayaqmarca Inca Ruins

Short before the split to the sayaqmarca ruins we wait for all come togehter. Then we decide to go together to the ruins. Rohody explains agriculture.

14.03.2018 10:56 S 13°13.3757′ W 072°31.1458′ altidude: 3.582 masl @ Sayaqmarca

We continue to walk our lunch camp on the second pass for today. At 12:15 pm we reach Phuyupatamarca campsite. There is lots of other people there. We get Jacuzzi service to wash face and hands. The crew built up a own mobile toilet.

We get lunch. The cook did a cake. Close to blackforest say some. Naja.

Me and the guys who carried my stuff. I know, 7 pairs of sneakers and the Tuxedo are a lot for the inca trail.

Take care of your stuff. I used my towel as pillow and left it outside to dry. No microfiber tower any more.

14.03.2018 12:26 S 13°12.4035′ W 072°31.8141′ altitude: 3.692 masl @ Phuyupatamarca

We continued down to Winay Wayna Campsite om the section of the inca trail knows as “Gringo Killer”. 100s of stone stairs, narrow and high, wet and steep. The porters run down like kids as if they would carry bo bag, same size like they are.

Often the path is on one hand rock up, other hand cliff endless down. All is cover with a beautiful green and humid cloud forest.

Right in front of the Winay Wayna Camp there is the archeological site of Phuyupatamarka. We do a photostop there – Rohody – lesson – medio luna: he explains the water flows and some earthquake safe building technology. It is getting dark.

14.03.2018 18:17 S 13°11.3982′ W 072°32.2938′ altitude: 2.805 masl @ Winay Wayna Campsite

Superlow camping. Only 2.800 masl. It is very warm. The toilets are close and stink. We prepare everything for the night and go to teatime and then dinner in the tent.

Afterwards we sleep early, tomorrow we have wake up call 3:30 am to enter Macchu Piccu through the sun gate entrance.

After dinner we get a briefing for our macchu piccu day, then we prepare the tip for the porters, the cook and the assistant cook. We discuss a little bit, then we all give ~ equivalent of 40 usd pP for the trip. Rohody splits this for chef, assistant chef, waiter and porters, hands over the envelopes to groups of us. I get the waiter.

The all people enter the tent. 12 of us, 24 of crew. Last shower 3 days back. My little cold is gone in a second.

Rohody hosts the tipping ceremony like an experienced TV entertainer. In qechua, englisch, one joke after the other, keeping all participants involved and amused. He is definitly talent for more. We hand over the envelopes, give feedback. Everybody shakes hands with everyone (in the tent!) – works out perfectly – Rohody is in control. Then we go to sleep.

A view in the kitchen tent.

What we walked today:

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