Day 43: Santiago (Chile)

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018:

We had a good night with a good sleep. As we get up we heat up the espresso machine. Black capsules. The coffein shock pops the eyes out of my head. I am superhuman. We go for breakfast. Everything there, huevos pochados included. Made my day already.

Love Ladera Hotel. The hotel is in walking distance to the city Center (Plaza de Armas) and close to a Teleferico Station (the cable car to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal). It is close to the biggest shopping Center of Santiago de Chile, too, where we will stock up our needs.

We ask the receptionist for directions and look for a citywalk on

We walk along Rio Mapocho through Parque Uruguay, Parque Balmaceda first to Barrio Bellavista. Rio Mapocho has the color of very milky cacao.

In Barrio Bellavista everything is still closed (it is before noon). The houses are very colourful graffiti painted.

And then through La Vega Central (the central veggie, meat and fish markets) to Plaza de Armas.

There we first do some stock trading consulting for next years investments:

Then we check CorreosChile central (the government postal services) and DHL to send stuff we won’t need anymore back home. Postal service is 8 times cheaper, so we will go with them.

Weird thing: they count Australia as within Europe for the postage and rest of the world:

Then we decide to join the Santiago de Chile free walking tour, which is well done.

We meet Chicos from OZ, Italy, US, Holland, Germany and Linz. After the tour we go together for a beer at Rigos Bar in Barrio Bellavista (there is no size smaller than 1 l). We sit outside (on the street which is common). Afterwards we go for a “sandwich” at the recommendation (Sangucheria Ciudad Vieja) of the guide.

After we go home i go for a late night swim in the rooftop pool of Ladero Hotel.

That’s what we did so far:

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