Day 42: Puerto Iguazu to Santiago de Chile (Argentina to Chile)

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Transfer day. Today we fly from Puerto Iguazu (ARG) to Buenos Aires (ARG) and then to Santiago de Chile (CHI). We already booked a Hotel in Santiago Ladera Hotel, which is one of the best rated on Expedia, was not cheap and is new. So I am sure it will be fine.

The flight schedule is fine, too. We fly:

FLIGHT 9: LatAm LA7509 from Puerto Iguazu (IGR) 11:45 to Buenos Aires Aeroporto (AEP) 13:40, duration 1h55, OneWorld miles.

Tactical booking sucessful, we got a row of three seats for us two.

So we have relaxed breakfast, finalize our luggage to be below 23 kgs each. LatAm will be no Gold status since a long time.

Transfer to Airport is prearranged and on time.

CheckIn and security checks at IGR are easy. We met an US couple, they did a “celebrity cruise” to Antarctica. They didnot see anything, didnot go on land. They are very disappointed (all the guest were) but it was very luxurious. We are happy to have done this with G Adventures …

On the plane I start to watch “Jean Claude van Johnson” series, well done crap.

We arrive in Buenos Aires (AEP) on time. Since we have 5 hours stopover. we take a taxi to Rigoletto and go there for lunch into pane. Something light:

At the way back to the taxi, we do a fast view into rigoletto, take the taxi, get a hard rock cafe shirt for christinas nephew and emmigrate. Ciao argentina, don’t cry for me.

FLIGHT 10: LatAm LA7814 from Buenos Aires Aeroport (AEP) 18:35 to Santiago de Chile (SCL) 21:00, duration: 2h25; OneWorld miles.

Tactical booking sucessful, a row of three for us. The XL planes of LatAm seem to be significant older than aerolineas, but you get a drink.

Unspectacular. Again two stamps in my passport. It will be full at march. I change from “Jean Claude van Johnson” to “Knightfall”. Better series.

We arrive in Santiago, fill out all forms and immigrate into chile. A bit of bureaucracy but surprisingly efficient executed. We discuss with the fixed price tourist taxi salesguy and his competition, the taxameter taxi company salesman. We decide for the last.

The taxi driver is 114, needs 5 min to get in his car, doesnot know the hotel and the adress, but calls google maps on his android phone, dictates hotel name and address, knows all the voice commands and as soon as he is on the highway and the tires are hot, he shows off his talent. We underrun the price estimates far, but get charged highway toll (which is ok, showed out later). Anyway, what we pay is supercheap according to the hotels receptionist.

Anyway, countries with currencies that carry unnecessary zeros are suspicious to me. 1 eur equals 750 chileno pesos. Totally senseless. The taxameter has more digits than the calculator on android.

The welcome in our hotel Ladera is supercompetent and nice. The room, too. And a nespresso machine with free capsules, great.

I go get a beer and go to sleep in a not super hot, superhumid, superwindy, airconditioned room.

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