Day 41: Iguazu Falls (Brasil)

Monday, February 5th 2018

We get up and have another breakfast at Posada la Sorgente. It didnot get better since yesterday.

The bus for todays tour to the brazilian side of the Iguazu falls picks us in the front of our hotel.

We make some stops for toilet reasons. Surprisingly you have to navigate through a smart shopping Center labyrinth to find the toilet there. We get the change to buy some real local artefacts of art:

The emmigration from argentina took some time as always, brazil immigration was rather fast. We walk to the brazilian sidewalk to the Iguazu falls, which is comparable less touristic, but you can go down and watch the falls from below (And get really wet).

There are a lot of this weird ant bears. They get really aggressive if the check out food, and there is always a bunch of them.

We take the “Volksbus” to our next station:

Then we do a heli flight over the falls …

FLIGHT 8: the Helicopter flight over the Iguazu Falls

At least, because we still got time, we visit a birds park. Not so funky but better than sit and wait in the sun. And the girl is happy, she sold us a ticket (as we find out later, we would have got it cheaper at the entrance – ready to leave Argentina)

The drive back is a mess. Immigration into argentinia needs endless time, the driver gets really nervous because he has to put people urgently to the airport …

Finally we are home, get our 10 kgs laundry for 300 AR$ (12 EUR) and in the evening we take some light argentinian food.

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