Day 40: Puerto Iguazu (Argentinia)

Sunday, February 4th 2018

Hotel Posada la Sorgente
Interesting, on their website they reference the “shocking performance of the Niagara Falls” …

Night is super hot and humid. We turn on air condition, it is not a good one.

The have bright lights in front of every hotel rooms window. They willnot turn the light off unless you negotiate with all guest, if the accept to turn it off (wtf?).

In the morning I am dead. We get up to breakfast. Breakfast room is arctic climate. You are not allowed to have breakfast outside – it is a hotel policy not to open the door to the pool (wtf?). Then we get the breakfast order procedure:

The first waiter tries to explain, that we can order one thing. His english makes clear he cannot express himself, so i just order a lot. It works. The cereals, the bread is crap. I never seen so thin cut cheese and ham. The cook must be nanomechanic. Anyway – i am able to drink the coffee. I am ready to leave argentina.

At 07:40 am we are picked up for the tour to the argentinian side of Iguazu Falls by Julio Balbuena.

They collect us with minibusses and bring us to a big bus. With the big bus we go the entrance of the National Park, pay the entrance fee (500 AR$ = approx. 20 eur pP) and go in. Julio, our guide with a “Liste Kurz” colored umbrella as flag is leading us quickly to the first part – the train to the devils throat.

We get a map for the park:

05.02.18 22_43 Office Lens

05.02.18 22_44 Office Lens (1)

Hurray a train!

cool Argentino with Depeche Mode song text on the arm:

We get of and walk to devils throat. We are all wet within seconds. Good luck it is super hot, so you dry in the second second.

This is what they call the “upper trail”. You walk on a (more or less rotten) steel construction to a platform in a row of one with opposing traffic (so no overtaking, and the slowest of 5.000 guests a day dominates the tempo), from where you can look down the iguazu falls.

The we take the train back to the middle station. There we do a walk with a more panoramic view.

Christina destroys here so beloved Crocs sandals:

She gets a super icecream pot as compensation (not enough):

On the way we see dragons and some kind of skunks (they stink)

Then we do the lower trail

cool shirt. He was white, had a US Navy cap.

We drive home with the bus, go to the pool and try to get some Argentino food afterwards:

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