Day 39: Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls (Argentina)

Saturday, February 3rd 2018

We get up late to enjoy a european style hotels breakfast. Lots of coffee. At 09:30 am we take a pre booked Taxi to Buenos Aires Aeroporto (AEP). The guy at Sky priority check-in limits our luggage to 15 kgs each (we still can have 2 each). After a discussion with his supervisor we split luggage and all is fine. Senseless processes, inflexible employees.

We take the plane to Puerto Iguazu, thanks god last flight with Aerolineas Argentinas. Not to recommend (even if no flight was cancelled, rescheduled or luggage was lost).

Of course first in the plane and successful tactical booking with spare seat in the middle.

FLIGHT 7: Aerolineas Argentinas AR1730 from Buenos Aires (AEP) 11:10 to Puerto Iguazu (IGR) 13:00, duration 1h50, 326 Delta Skymiles

At the Airport Puerto Iguazu our driver waits with our itenirary for us and brings us to the Hotel.

At the hotel we get a program for our booking and a city map:

We ask for a 10 km track to run. The receptionist marks a 1 km track on the map. Everything else is unsafe. Donot go to the Brazilian side, donot go to Paraguay border, donot leave city.

Then they take a “tourist tax” to be paid in cash. Everything is included in our booking, but not the tax?! However …

It is super djungle hot, so we just stay at the pool, shops will open at 17:00, the we go for drinks, laundry and food.

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