Day 44: Santiago (Chile)

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Another night in Ladera Hotel. Christina gets up early and goes running. Me not.
After breakfast we go to the biggest shopping center in Latin America, the Costanera Center. It is located under the tallest building in Latin America, the second tallest in the southern hemisphere, about 300 meters high, in the most earthquaking city of south america.

There is still Motorola somewhere here …

We get there new Croqs for christina since she destroyed hers in Iguazu. Unfortunately they are only available in blue and not in black. What catastrophe.

After that we check out a supermarket for some granola. We will not rely on supply capacities of Bolivia.

Not only the vegetables, even the Toblerone grows bigger here. A laser sword size toblerone.

Then I get a haircut. 5 min, schnipp schnapp, I am human again. 10.990 C$ which is 14.6 eur.

It is really hard to spend more than 20.000 C$ here. Especially food and drinks are super cheap here. Once again I would like to thank Mr Mario Draghi from the european central bank for his currency politics. Since the booking of this holiday everything got cheaper by 25 %:

We carry everything we bought to the hotel an go for some hours to the rooftop pool with a view on the Telerifico (cable car) to Cerro San Cristobal.

At 2 pm we get ready for one of the main attractions of this holiday:

Riding the Teleferico

Top view to the Fassade of Hotel Ladero.

The rescue team is always there

On the top 3 weeks ago, Papa Francisco

And down with the funicular

One of us had fun. And it made us hungry.

2018-02-08 17-19-57 NOTE 20180208_211957

Then we walked home

And watched the chilenos at jedi training. I should have had taken the xxl Toblerone.

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