Day 28: El Calafate, Perito Merino Glacier (Patagonia, Chile)

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Today we booked a tour to Poreto Moreno glacier and a mini ice trekking on the glacier. They’ll pick us up at the Hostel del Galcier in El Calafate at 7:30 am for the tour. The tour will last approximately 10 hours. You can book the tour anywhere, we booked with SayHueque.

Before that we have Hostel breakfast. Very basic – sugared cereals, toast (with a queue in front of the one toaster), jam, butter. But we have our own cereals. Yesterday the lady at the Hostel reception recommended to get lunch boxes at Don Luis in El Calafate, which was a good advice. Don Luis has the only reliable Internet in El Calafate, so I could upload some blog days. In addition there is good coffee and huge cakes.

Now we have the backbag full of huge lunch boxes. We take all the waterproof Antarctica stuff. We get the tickets by the Hostel and and off we go.

We make a 10 min break at a lake and at the first viewpoint.

The we continue to the main perito moreno glacier viewpoint. This is a little touristic infrastructured:

Perito Moreno glacier is one of the glaciers coming down form the 250 km² southern patagonian icefield. The glacier is one of the last glaciers in the world, that is continuesly advancing. Therefore it is very active. It is permanently cracking and crashing and every some minutes a it is calfing with a loud noise a huge block of blue ice. The glacier grows into lake argentina, dividing it every some years. Then the water on one side rises, presses against the glacier, forms a whole that gets bigger and somewhen this “ice bridge collapses” and the game of growing and dividing lake argentina starts from the beginning. Thy cycle is about 4 to 5 years, we where there when it was damming the lake argentina.

After walking the glacier park we are brought to the other side of the glacier to have lunch break with a boat. We started with the glacier trekking in the afternoon.

After we return home we go to Don Luis for a cake and coffee, then we meet with our friends from Ventus Australis Cruise and have fantastic sushi in Calafate.

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