Day 26: Murray channel, Nassau bay, Cape Horn, Wulaia Bay (Beagle Channel, Chile)

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Day 4 of Ventus Australis – Fjords of Tierra del Fuego

Todays program:

In the night we left the beagle channel and entered open sea heading cape horn. It is windy and the ship is rolling.

In the morning we reach cape horn. Waves are too high to put the zodiacs safely on the water and bring the average passenger to the coast. Captain decides to check the south entry …

2018-01-21 07-01-45 iPhone IMG_E31262018-01-21 07-08-59 iPhone IMG_3131_edited

The south entry doesnot work because of wind and waves, too. So we go for breakfast and leave cape horn in direction Wuhaia Bay. We get a certificate for reaching Cape Horn anyway.

In the afternoon we go for the challenging hike in Wuhaia Bay (which means beautiful bay):

2018-01-21 15-37-53 SONY _DSC7337
2018-01-21 20-01-41 iPhone IMG_3149

In the evening there is farewell dinner with a leg of lamb, we reach ushuaia at midnight and are online again. That is our end with Ventus Australia. Tomorrow we gonna fly north.

Our map from:

2018-01-21 google maps

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