Day 25: Ballenero and O’Brien channel, Beagle Channel, Pia Fjord and Glacier Alley (Chile)

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Day 3 of Ventus Australis – Fjords of Tierra del Fuego

Todays program:

During the night we left Magellan street via the Pacific ocean and entered the Beagle channel. Wind was strong. Due to the shallow ship (3m waterline and more than 10 m high) the ship was going angeled in the wind and the waves were high due. A lot of the guests did not sleep a lot according to face color.

Before noon there is a lecture about the history and colonization of Tierra del Fuego.

The cruise is wonderful:

2018-01-20 11-54-10 SONY _DSC7195
2018-01-20 11-57-59 NOTE 20180120_155759
2018-01-20 12-16-56 SONY _DSC7205
2018-01-20 12-21-54 SONY _DSC7210
2018-01-20 12-29-34 SONY _DSC7224
2018-01-20 12-29-46 SONY _DSC7225
2018-01-20 13-56-24 SONY _DSC7235
2018-01-20 14-10-49 SONY _DSC7243

Lunch is asian

After lunch we register for the “demanding” hike to a viewpoint on Pia Glacier. It is dry and clouds open. More than 10° C.

The view out of my cabin:

Then we go for the Pia Glacier walk. It’s muddy.

2018-01-20 14-31-12 SONY _DSC7270
2018-01-20 14-31-24 SONY _DSC7272

2018-01-20 14-54-10 SONY _DSC7280
2018-01-20 14-59-27 SONY _DSC7308

The Pia Glaciar is super active. Permanently there is the noise of crashing and breaking ice. If you look there for 2 minutes, you see it calfing.

At 18:30 we sail through glacier alley:

With every glacier they serve drinks and food of the land of the glaciers name. Ventisquero (which means glacier) Romanche, Alemania – beer and sausage with sauerkraut, Francia – sparkling wine and cheese, Italia – red wine and pizza, Holanda – coffee and sweets.

In the evening there is captains dinner. So the captain shakes the hand of each passenger before dinner and there is no starter. Night is rough as we sail to cape horn.

Todays map:

2018-01-20 google maps

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