Day 23: Strait of Magellan – Magdalena Island – Punta Arenas (Chile)

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Day 5 of Ventus Australis – Patagonian Explorer

Day 1 of Ventus Australis – Fjords of Tierra del Fuego

The program of the day:

In the night we cruised all the way up from Condor Glacier through the Strait of Magellan to Magdalena Island. Early in the morning we have a briefing and than the last excursion of this trip to Magdalena Island, north of Punta Arenas.

Magdalena Island is a nature reserve for a huge colony of Magellan penguins (about 6.000 couples they say, which seems to be very high …). They call it “Monumento national los Penguinos”.

As you can see I survived the attack of the wild penguin horde.

2018-01-18 06-45-20 SONY _DSC7044
2018-01-18 07-21-07 SONY _DSC7050

2018-01-18 07-22-41 SONY _DSC7054_edited

Then suddenly an attack from the ambush. Polly, the killer penguin …

2018-01-18 07-47-56 SONY _DSC7091

I survived anyway. Polly went fucking – which, indeed, is hard work for penguins. The girl is below. But she is so slippery (because her feathers are so fatty) that the boy has to be an acrobat to jump on top, and stay as long as it takes there to be successful. Therefore Polly pushes back her wings to give her admirer a possibility to hold on – which again – is very difficult if you have only slimy wings to grab another slimy wind. A wonder of nature that there are still penguins.

2018-01-18 07-31-14 SONY _DSC7070

When they cry for there partner (monogamous birds), they sound like donkeys.

Then we arrived in Punta Arenas. We get the rest of the day of and can leave the boat. We have to be back at 6:00 pm. So we left our stuff as is in the cabin, got back the passports already chilean stamped. So first we tried to get Chilean money (you can get max. 200.000 Chilean Pesos per transaction, they charge you 5.000 except you find a scottish bank [scotia] which is the last which doesnot charge anything, current conversion rate is 1 eur eq. 719.58 c$).

Then we try to get a data SIM for our pad. This is complicated because in 7 different shops nobody speaks a minimum of english or has an english price list. In the end we decide to run and see Punta Arenas. The german guide of the ship – Gusta – draw us a running map.

We get caught by Florida,Chicago and Bahamas papparazzi.

Finally we go back, board the ship. I go to city once again to take another try on the chilean SIM. I go to claro, find there a very friendly lady who is willing to negotiate with hand, feet and paper “30 diaz, 5000 megas, tengo dinero?” And helps me to get a sim for 10.000 and 70.000 credit and i got 13 gb for 30 days with free facebook, whatsapp, instagram in 4G which is supercheap.

We left Punta Arenas for the South to the next Ventus Australis tour “Fjords of Tierra del Fuego” in perfect bluesky

The map of our trip:
2018-01-18 google maps

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