Day 22: De Agostini Sound – Aguila Glacier – Condor glacier (Chile)

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Day 4 of Ventus Australis – Patagonian Explorer

Schedule of the day:

In the night it got a little bit shaky as the vessel left the beagle channel into the pacific ocean and then turned around and entered strait of magellan to Punta Arenas (Chile). 

After breakfast we get ready to go on land to the Aguila Glacier. Zodiacs bring all guests according to their language on land, than we cross a half island by feet to the glacier. We pretend that Austrian language is very close to Australian, which sounds logical, so we go with the ozzies and funny Florida/Michigan/Bahamas. With some effort we manage to adopt India as well.

Christopher, our funny guide, did a lot of biological lectures with us while walking to the glacier. From all guides on Ventus Australis he was telling us the most about geography, history, biology.

Passing Aguila glacier:

Afterwards there is as always hot chocolate with scotch on the beach.

In the afternoon we do a zodiac cruise again in language groups. This time there are no more discussions. They will be happy as soon as we leave the ship.

Bahamas (Samantha) needed to lick the real thing …

2018-01-17 16-59-42 SONY _DSC7032

Thats how we boarded and embarked the zodiacs:

The Zodiacs are all new, MilPro standard, and liftet to the top of the ship after usage (where before the Gym and Spa has been 😦 ). They had some fuel troubles with the Argentine fuel.

2018-01-17 12-59-19 NOTE 20180117_165919
2018-01-17 12-59-26 NOTE 20180117_165926
2018-01-17 15-13-25 NOTE 20180117_191325

Tomorrow is arrival in Punta Arenas, one day stop over and then in the evening back to Ushuaia.

In the evening finally sun came out and showed us a wonderful rainbow:

They say “at the end of each rainbow there is a treasure”, i knew already

Todays map:
2018-01-17 google maps

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