Day 21: Beagle channel – Pia Glacier – Garibaldi Glacier (Chile)

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Day 3 of Ventus Australis – Patagonian Explorer

Todays program:

In the morning it is very misty. What a pity we start to cross some glaciers today. We get up at 6:00 am as we pass the Alley of the glaciers in the Cordillera Darwin:

While we have breakfast, ship navigates into Pia Fjord to the Pia Glacier. The location of our next excursion. We choose to go with the very challenging option. They say it will be muddy.


After lunch we plan to contribute to an “extreme” challenging hike. You have to register; only 14 register. As we are at the meeting point nobody is there. They left 5 minutes prior schedule already with the Zodiac. After having a talk they wait and send a zodiac to pick us up. It turns out that the other 12 insisted to wait for us but the guide pushed them to leave.  

The hike is a climb through riverbed, cross a waterfall up a steep hill. Quite exhausting through a wonderful forest. 

After the hike 2 zodiacs bring us back through an icefield to the ship which is at anchor right in front of the garibaldi glacier.

Somehow the ventilation has troubles on the vessel. Nothing is drying in the cabins, so the passengers start to put everything out.

We leave the Garibaldi Fjord.

Our map as of today:

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