Day 20: Murray cannel – Cape Horn – Wulaia bay (Chile)

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Day 2 of Ventus Australis – Patagonian Explorer

6:30 am wake up telephone call. Voice is no comparision to Johns wake-up calls.

This is the schedule for today:

7:00 am: We dress up for a windy and rainy shore landing and go up to Darwins Lounge on Deck 5. There is a short briefing for landing on Cape Horn at 07:00 am. They always do a spanish briefing in the Yamana Lounge on Deck 4 and synchronously an english one. The english briefing is realtime translated for the many German tourists via headphones. Weather and waves make it possible to land on Cape Horn.  

Zodiac landing starts immediately afterwards with 3 Zodiacs for 140 people. We queue from Deck 5 to Deck 1 over the stairs outside and put our tag in a wodden box to check later, if you are back again (if you donot take it, what every time somebody does, they panic). G adventures uses magnet card with picture swipe.

Small guests need help to put their key tag there.

Boot wash is a dry (!) rubber map to prevent seed from getting transported. G Advertures takes this more seriously. This how Cape Horn looks like.

2018-01-15 07-19-57 SONY _DSC6754_edited

2018-01-15 07-33-19 SONY _DSC6760
2018-01-15 07-37-55 SONY _DSC6767

And back queue up again:

I officially sailed Cape Horn:

Afterwards there is breakfast buffet, briefing for the next landing in Wulaia bay and at Pia glacier. Then they show an interesting documentary about shackleton (Movie). – break – food again, lunch – registration for the landing groups with extreme difficulty – break to 03:45 pm.

Food is always all-inclusive. Lunch is Buffet style.

We cruise to Wulaia Bay.

2018-01-15 15-09-31 NOTE 20180115_190932

2018-01-15 15-09-39 SONY _DSC6786

2018-01-15 15-09-47 SONY _DSC6787

Every excursion on land which implies landing is split up in moderate, challenging and extreme. You will not believe what physical constitutios enlist for extreme.

2018-01-15 16-05-04 SONY _DSC6794
2018-01-15 16-12-02 SONY _DSC6799

2018-01-15 16-38-13 SONY _DSC6812
2018-01-15 17-20-10 SONY _DSC6828

Good time to go to the bar

They have a fruit nut mixture there. Everybody eats only the nuts. The fruits go back. In the evening it clears up and some sun comes out as we head up north.

2018-01-15 19-46-51 NOTE 20180115_234651

Our map as of today:
2018-01-15 google maps

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