Day 4: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Saturday, December 30th 2017:

It got hotter, blue sky, sun. We prebooked the ultimate ba biking tour (7 hrs in the sun, more than 20 km) via internet with Biking Buenos Aires from 10:00 to 17:00 for USD 95 per person.

So we started the day late with breakfast in the hotel to have enough energy later.

The we went 15 min to the meeting point in Peru 988, San Telmo. There we met the other guys of the tour: Brasil, Amsterdam, Boston, Canada and the Scottish father with his sons, fresh from their Antarctica tour.

Our guide Ohio (real name Jackson) and his adlati Amsterdam2 (Liderick) explained everything, put us helmets on the head (for insurance reason) and gave us a multiple choice of bikes. I took the bamboo easy rider and the camouflage helmet, just in case.

We started in San Telmo. Ohio explained a lot of Argentinian history, politic failures and also buenos aires city history. Good luck traffic somehow vanished from yesterday to today, there were no trucks on the street, it was easy to ride (good hint – if you want to do a bike tour through the city, do it on sundays or public holidays. Buenos Aires drivers hate bikers. Usually traffic is dense).

We started in san telmo:

Continued to the boca juniors and learned about the national drink of Argentina Fernet Branca (70 % are produced here and Argentina is the worlds biggest consumer) – they cut the bottom of a plastic bottle, take out the mini Fernet bottles in the stadium (where alcohol or glass is forbidden) and mix it with iced coke. Fernet Coke … gives a nice headache next day.

Finally we had lunch. A becher (cup) of beer is still a BECHER here (800 ml):2017-12-30 12-52-13 iPhone IMG_2895

She is Ohios secret love. We get traditional sandwich:

Then we drove to the economic reserve, to the womens bridge and the steel flower:

Finally recoleto again, we decided to visit one of the oldest churches here:

At the end plaza del mayo, then home for a running exercise and dinner …

Dinner @ Pane in Puerto Madero

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