Day 5: Still Buenos Aired (Argentina)

Sunday, December 31st 2017, new years eve:

Rain and thunder during the night. It cooled down significantly. Finally, so I run Buenos Aires.

And some impressions:

And then i met my friends:

After running, shower, pool, shower we join Free Walking tours Buenos Aires again for their afternoon walk. As you can see on the map, the intended distance is shorter …

Again the same guy, Mariano. We meet them in front of Congreso Nacional, again you recognize them easily with their orange shirts.

Congress building

Sylvester and new year are not the big issue here. This is the main place of buenos aires at 7 p.m.

Somehow it is more a public relaxing day. Everywhere is paper but no people. If you want to eat after noon, its hard to find something.

But at least there was fireworks. Afterwards they all woke up suddenly, pubs and clubs opened at 0:30 at the ran until 8:00 am.

What did we learn. Hotel Madero closes service on Sylvester. They do a big dinner party (you have to pay >100 USD and it goes all night inside). Therefore they block the Bar, the Restaurant, the Pool, the rooftop, everything. If you are not the dinner party guy – bad luck.

Argentinians go out, to the womans bridge. There it is super crowded. Then they drink out of glass bottle. Then they smash the bottles – where they are standing. So the ground gets covered with broken glass. The all wear sneakers. Then they go home – some kms over broken glass. They donot care (because they are drunk). Weird. Cheaper than fireworks.

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