Day 3: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Friday, December 29th 2017:

Had a good sleep in Hotel Madero at the former second harbour (Puerto Madero) in buenos aires. The hotel and room are fine. It is a little noisy in the night though, there seems to be a Club downstairs.

After caffeinfree breakfast (coffee comes out of thermos here), we went to join the morning Free Walking through Recoleta Tour as we made good experience in tel aviv with it.

We donot have to book, we simply show up. The guys are easy to find (orange jackets or shirts) and identify on the back (actually the front as we learn) of teatro colon. They split the people in english speaking and spanish. To my surprise the spanish are the vast majority. Still there are 15 people or so in the group.

Here is a map of the tour, if you like to know.

We start at the oldest jewish temple of south america. The guy who is leading the tour is quite informative.

We crossed the worlds widest street (of course the Brazilians are cheating and taking whatever in account that their street is wider, but not true …) and walked up to recoleto through the old city with the palaces from a time back when argentina was the sixth richest nation in the world.

The tour ends at recoleto cementary. At the end of the tour we tip ~ 5 USD per person joined (most people tip less).

At recoleto we did a break and found around the corner (main entrance to the left, 5 min to walk) a really good food chain called “pane“. There we had lunch and planned to do a 150 A$ (21 a$ are 1 eur) cementary tour of the free walking tour company after lunch.

The girl who did the cementary tour, victoria, was a graduated historian. Imagine a tour about dead people – she was in her elements … it was blue sky, sunny, incredible hot inbetween the stones, but the tour was worth every minute of the 2.5 hours.

A little bit weird was the cementary and the floors of the graves, the cheap ikea chairs inside and the cult they do though.

After the tour we went home via teatro colon, totally exhausted.

We had dinner in a bistro outside the hotel somewhere in madero

The Bohemian Pilsner …

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