Day 2: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Thursday, December 28th 2017:

Slept 10 hours in the plane. 10G is in a 747-8i a good seat. Had my last Truffelbrie Aborigines sandwich and a Lufthansa breakfast with 4 espressos (seemed like freshly brewed, showed no caffeine effects).

Had troubles immigrating to Argentina with my maiden passport (soo suspicious a passport without marks or stamps).

Then I bought a 4G card at the personal shop for 400 A$ (~ 24 EUR, the girl had to enter 20 vouchers, because they had only 20 A$ vouchers in stock). They register the serial of your cellphone, with passport and SIM card to reduce cell phone theft. I bought personals Prepago nacional. They charge you automatically 9,99 A$ per day for 50 MB until your credit is gone. So I got 40 days limited internet. After use of your 50 MB you can via SMS buy the next 50 MB for 9,99 A$ (~ 0,50 EUR). Would have been better to read this
upfront, and go with claro. They have packages like 2 GB per 10 days for 5 EUR.

After reading on tripadvisor that als Buenos Aires Airport Taxis are criminals, we prebooked a Ezeiza taxi for 780 A$ (37 EUR) to Hotel Madero over internet. You still have to queue up, but then all is fine and we go to our hotel.

It is summer in Buenos Aires. Room in Hotel Madero is not ready, so we swim at rooftop pool.2017-12-28 14-25-59 NOTE 20171228_142559

Say hi to the atlantic ocean at the horizon …

Ate the last emergency ratio. It was already melting in the hot sun.

Things, you need to take with you if flying abroad …

Then we run the city. Up avenue paseo colon to casa rosada, avenue pres roque saenz pena to florida, the obelisk, teatro colon, plaza san martin and back to puerto modero, 20.000 steps at over 30° C.

We try to follow this tour. There is free copies at the hotel desk.
2017-12-28 16-56-33 NOTE 20171228_165633

And now, the good stuff … Patagonia Amber Lager. Like it.

We were so tired, we had dinner in the hotel bar …

so we went to our room and to sleep:

2017-12-28 15-24-44 NOTE 20171228_152444_001_edited

2017-12-28 15-25-01 NOTE 20171228_152501

2017-12-28 15-25-14 NOTE 20171228_152515

2017-12-28 15-29-47 NOTE 20171228_152947

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