Day 1: Vienna to Munich to Frankfurt to Buenos Aires (Austria, Germany, Argentina)

Wednesday, December 27th 2017:

After planning, preparing, packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, packing, this is it. My stuff for the next 90 days, exactly 23 kgs as limited by Aerolineas Argentinas, LatAm and Avianca Airlines. Will I regret having left home my SLR? For sure I will. I just wonder how I went interrail with a backbag smaller than this 25 years ago and how I survived the military service. Anyway, I take my creditcard with me.

27.12.2018 14:00: My parents are waiting in front of my door to take Christina and me to VIEnna Airport. I already did the checkin online, so we just have to drop the luggage. They, of course check the luggage through to Buenos Aires. Priority tag on the luggage (in the last 2 years it never made a difference).

We go through security. First lesson of this holiday: Hummus is “brushable” and therefore a security issue. We leave it in Vienna. I wonder if ElAl acts the same?

We go to VIE Terminal 3 senator lounge. I never have seen a senator place as empty as this. We are waiting to take off.

We take the riesling please.

Since Lufthansa wants us to fly first to MUC and then to FRA to come finally to Buenos Aires, we gonna crush every lounge on our path and try the riesling (if available, even Welschriesling).

First move: VIE to minga, business class missed by one row.

Flight 1: 27.12.2017 Lufthansa LH2331 from Vienna (VIE) 16:50 to Munich (MUC) 17:50, duration: 1h00; 397 km; 625 Statusmiles


But there is no business class divider as the Austrian Airlines one. I the stewardess could jodel to ask you for your drink, she would:

Welcome to minga, Airport, new terminal

Welcome to minga Airport senator lounge. Riesling is weird murky here. I like the Leberkäs (typical Austrian meat loaf) and the type of mustard.

Second move: minga to FRA: business class missed by 4 rows, but caught emergency exit row with extra leg space. Continuous improvement process worked so far.

Flight 2: 27.12.2017 Lufthansa LH121 from Munich (MUC) 20:00 to Frankfurt (FRA) 21:05, duration: 1h05; 300 km; 313 Statusmiles


Move 3: fra to eze buenos aires. Jackpot, eco overbooked, 13h45 max legroom in the 787-8i upperdeck.

Flight 3: 27.12.2017 Lufthansa LH510 from Frankfurt (FRA) 22:15 to Buenos Aires (EZE) 08:00+1; duration: 13h45; 11.515 km; 5.355 statusmiles


Priority boarding by Lufthansa, but in the same moment last call for the whole flight. Someone must have had left his suitcase unguided and they want to leave the place

And the third lounge to crash; mini business lounge at gate C16 FRA Airport in the 747-8i upperdeck boarding area. No Riesling, Säcke.

No one will eat this anyway

At least the plane seat is acceptable for 13h45; 180° recline and I still got my emergency Punschkrapferl … @ Lufthansa 747-8i seat 10G (good seat, you have the watering hole in front of you)

We take the Riesling please …

Und den roast goose, it is christmas …

2017-12-28 00-18-13 NOTE 20171228_001813

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