Day 33: Tom Price to Stanley 24 hours rest area

February 3rd, overnight there was a thunderstorm at Tom Price, water is everywhere. The Kakadus like it.

It is still raining. 2.812 km to Darwin, 6.565 km to Melbourne. We head to Karijini.

No way in. Rivers rose so much, the locked up everything. No swimming in the gorge. Weather forecast predict it’ll get worse. So we do not stay, make miles instead. We drove up Northern Highway to Great Northern Highway (both like a sunroad home). It rains.

We turn to 80 mile beach

Shark zone, extreme tides (8m), shell beach, no swimming. Then we drive until tired

And stop at Stanley’s rest area (19 2 36 s 121 39 56 e).


Drove 808 km this day to flee the rain. 5.727 km (1.131 km tas) until now.

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