Day 32: Barradala Rest Area to Tom Price

February, 2nd. Barradale Rest Area, 2.966 km to Darwin, 6.719 km to Melbourne, 4490 km driven so far.

Slept at the Barradale 24 h Rest stop at Yannarie River. Incredible hot, no power, no air condition. I hate the Road Train driver who stopped there and had 4 big air condition engines for his 50 m road train running all the night. I would had let the air out if his tires, if there would not have been so much tires (16 axis, most of them had 4 tires on it).

Anyway, we had a long trip ahead, goal was to reach Tom price tourist park at the entry of martini national park.

Cell coverage is good, we listen Ö3 night radio with the snow forecast.

The cars on the road get bigger as highway one turns east

The streets get emptier

The victims more

We reach Tom Price via Paraburdoo sealed road. The attraction here is the biggest iron mine of Rio Tinto Australia and the Karijini National Park. We decide to stay here, Barbecue and go to the park tomorrow.

The lady at Tom Price tourist information is very friendly and recommends us some walks and swimming in karijini.

Ah,ja, they also have the highest mountains of west Australia, mount Margaret (like Kahlenberg).

Rain is coming.

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