Day 31: coral bay to Barradale 24h rest

February, 1st

Slept at peoples park coral bay at the beach. Amenities were ok, campground was empty.

Still 3.150 km to Darwin City, 6.903 km to Melbourne to go.
Started early to check out an go with Ningaloo Reef Dive to go snorkelling for the Manta Rays. When we drove out, a dolphin family guided the boat.

Then we went snorkelling for the manta rays. They got a plane in the air which spots them.

The corals at ningaloo are beautiful.

Then we met some friends: fish are friends, we do not eat our friends.

Afterwards drove.

Until Barradale Rest Area at Yannarie River at slept in the dessert.

Already done 5.621 km. Now the crossing of the wet season in the north begins.

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