Day 34: From Stanley 24h Rest Area to Fitzroy River Crossing

Good morning February 4th. The weather seems to be good.

We start at Stanley’s early. It is 2.016 km to Darwin and 5.768 km to melbourne. 24 days to go there.

It gets more wet.

We reach Broome. It rains like hell. We have breakfast and go shopping. After that we check cable beach.

Not much lifesaving at the lifesaving club today.

We drove on in direction mordor

If it clears up, its nice

no, there are no termites here. But cool old trees

Thats how a small cyclone looks:

Light is awesome

We make it to fitzroy rivercrossing lodge. Everybody recommends not to leave the car, lock and hide valuables, agoridgines are lying on the street. Weird. I get sonething to eat, the wedges are superior, the tap is iced.

Drove 618 km today, 7476 totally. It still rains. Lots of wallabies on the campground.

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