Day 85: Elizabeth Bay – Punta Moreno

Friday, June 21st, 2019.

Day 06 of Galapagos – West, Central and East islands on board of the Estrella del Mar by G-Adventures

Todays plan:

“Pay a morning visit to Elizabeth Bay which offers amazing bird and marine life viewing opportunities. Head out on the pangas and explore the shallows and mangroves to look for sea turtles and penguins. In the afternoon, land at Punta Moreno on the southwest coast of Isabela to see lava formations, flamingos, and amazing views of the three most active volcanoes in the Galápagos Islands.

Elizabeth Bay Panga Ride; Elizabeth Bay
Head out by panga to explore, keeping an eye out for wildlife hiding among the mangroves. Search for marine turtles, rays, and flightless cormorants in the sheltered waters. Also spot blue-footed boobies, penguins, and pelicans feeding on the abundant marine life.

Punta Moreno Visit; Punta Moreno
Visit Punta Moreno and explore its interesting landscape, which is home to black lava flows and a unique system of brackish lagoons that draw in a wide range of wildlife. Spot Darwin’s finches, Galápagos doves, penguins, and more! Be sure to bring your camera for shots of the island’s amazing scenery. Punta Moreno boasts a panoramic viewpoint of three of Isabela’s imposing volcanoes: Alcedo, Sierra Negra, and Cerro Azul.

Sail from Isabela Island to Puerto Villamil

Indira’s schedule:

The night was more quiet as we laid anchored in front of Elizabeth bay. In the morning it’s cloudy and not so hot.

The boatcrew puts the Zodiacs early in the water and heaths up the engines. The dinghi ride goes into the mangroves with their shallow warm water. Indira tells us to look close to the water surface.

Blue footet boobies:

Galapagos penguins:

A flightless kormoran:

Octopus on the rocks:

And the Dinghis always are followed by curious sealions:

Then we enter the mangroves:

A lot of rays, penguins, turtles in the shallow water

We drive back to the boat for dinner

Then we sail the channel between isabela island and renandino island to moreno point. We see whales in the distance and then a school of dolphins follows the boat for 15 minutes, playing in front and back of the boat.

We arrive at Moreno point and get ready for deep water snorkeling (deep water = not from.the beach).

I see a manta ray on the deep blue …

Then back to the ship, hot shower, quick change to get ready for an easy walk.

Accommodation: Aboard Estrella del Mar, Galapagos Islands

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