Day 31: Cartagena

Sunday, April 28th, 2019, first month gone.

Day 2 of Colombian Caribbean Highlights by Bamba Experience

“Free day in Cartagena”

Second hostel night survived thanks to neuroth. Super noisy, kids scream and the drunken twens fall the wooden stairs up. I still slept well.

Get up, get laundry from Selinas reception. Finally it is ready. They burnt my hiking trousers and socks. How the f@#$ can you burn socks? I bring them back to reception. She will negotiate with the laundry company until this evening. This game we had before – the finalization timeline slipped 5 times. Every started 3 kgs cost 25.000 pesos (7.5 eur), I had 7 kgs. Without the burnt socks and trouses it would have been surely 6 kgs … bad luck.

I go and get a super breakfast. Stepping Stone again, Tripadvisors Nr 1 for breakfast. I take the same like yesterday. The musli is a sensation.

Ok, maybe it was too much. I ask them to put the wrap in a box.

I look for a peluquero (hairdresser). It has been more than a month. Every shop I pass, is closed. Sunday. Definitely today it is not the hot season, it is the other one, superhot and super humid. They celebrate childrens day today. Lots of children in colored vests around.

I go to “La Brioche” again, for one of this Almond Croissants and another Lulu juice.

The lulu juice sin asucre is so damn sour, I get a sweppes face.

It is soo hot, I go back to selina to the pool. Ahhhhhh

Then I pack my (light) luggage for 4 nights in a hammock to the lost city and 2 additional nights to Cabo de la Vela and Puntas Gallinas.

I go to eat into old city to pezetarian again.

Then I go home.

Accomodation: Selina Hostel, Cartagena, Colombia

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