Day 30: Cartagena

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

Day 1 of Colombian Caribbean Highlights by Bamba Experience

“Free day in Cartagena”

Get up at 6:30 am. Get ready to run Bocagrande. It is a hard run. Very hot and humid.

I go back to Selina shower. Not a lot of water. My shoes are wet, so I wash them. Donot now how to dry them, but it doesnot matter anyway. Most important tool in my luggage, the line to dry my clothes comes into action again.

I go for breakfast to Cafe stepping stone. Very good.

I walk the city.

Papaya juice sugar free 1,1 eur.

Most of the old doors show marks of power or position.

To the cathedral. Unfortunately you can go in only when there is a mess. So I go to the museum of the inquisition.

Cool. The history of the inquisition mostly in Spanish. Not a lot of parts, mostly paintings. Wikipedia’s helps.

I walk to the next church of the Jesuit convent.

Saint Johannes, saint Nicolas and saint fan. Last one has the most statues in the churches here. Ther is no saint air condition.

And suddenly gods odem touched me …

They do better Instagram pictures than I do.

A lot of graves inside the churches.

The holy homeworker with the circular saw blade on his head.

There is soo much food here. It is a crime.

Lulo juice, also called lulu. A little bit sour but very refreshing. In Spanish naranjilla.

I go back to selina. On the way I pass the ATM. Laundry not ready yet. I go to the rooftop pool.

At 18:30 Pool deck is closed. I shower and go for lunch to Pezetarian into old city. Fantastic, but no meat.

Then I go home to watch Narcos: Mexico. Tomorrow I need a Steak.

Accomodation: Selina Hostel, Cartagena, Colombia

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