Day 21: Tortuguero to La Fortuna

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Day 6 of Full Costa Rica adventure by Bamba Experience

Todays itinerary:
Tortuguero National Park Boat Tour – Boat & Shuttle to La Fortuna (B)

Rise early again this morning to go on a boat tour to visit other areas of the park and admire even more breathtaking nature. Return to your accommodation for breakfast and to pack up your belongings for check-out. Take one last rainforest walk in a different section of the jungle before transferring to La Fortuna at approximately 13:40 hrs.

overnight in La Fortuna”

Again, howler monkeys and rain during the night. My wet clothes on the balcony will never ever dry up. The alarm goes off at 5:10 am, the boat will pick me up at the jetty at 5:45 am. I walk to the coffee station, then to the jetty. It is different people today, more locals, it is peak holiday season in Costa Rica. A lot of local families go to all possible attractions and beaches.

Today we go the main channel backwards and into a small channel. Our guide is blind. Good luck the boat driver and the people in the boat spot a lot of things. The locals are completely not intereset in anything else than permanently chatting. They all talk, listen, watch, picture themselfes at once.

After the boat ride we are brought back to our hotel. we pack our things ready to leave, have breakfast and check out. Aften breakfast we walk my running track for one hour (yesterday I needed 4 minutes per lap).

At 11:00 am we are brought to another hotel to chill at the pool, have lunch there.

We meet Hermann, the biologist joker again with a huge group of tourists. They enter the buffet like locusts. We are all split up onto boats and the drive back procedure begins. This time our boat driver sees to have done the trip before and we come back faster, jump off the boat, walk our 1 km, board the bus. This time no biological education. Hermano is exhausted.

We change bus somewhere at a gas station and are brought to El Fortuna, Magic Mountain Hotel. We negotiate with the driver to wait for us in front of the hotel 5 minutes. I drop my stuff in my room, huzzle down and go for the city to meet Lola, our Mexican guide. The driver is superhappy about the 5 usd tipp.

We agreed to meet at Snapper, Costa Rican seafood restaurant. Delicious. Lola is NOT hungry!

We go for icecream. There is always room for icecream.

We take a taxi back for 2000 colones (3 usd) to the hotel. It is huge, room is brand new, not finished yet, they have elevators! Every room has balcony. We have Arenal view from our room. It looks to the back, not the street and is very quiet. I go to bed and fall asleep immediately.

Accommodation: Hotel Magic Mountain, La Fortuna

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