Day 20: Tortuguero

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Day 5 of Full Costa Rica adventure by Bamba Experience

Todays itinerary:

Tortuguero National Park Boat & Walking Tour

Wake up early this morning to go on a guided tour of Tortuguero National Park. At 5:30 am your guide will take you by boat to one of the most enchanting sites in the region, where you will explore lagoons and hidden canals and see nearly 50m-tall trees covered with bromeliads, vines and orchids, as well as an array of other flora and fauna. Spot animals such as howler monkeys, white face capuchins, and spider monkeys, as well over 400 species of birds, iguanas, jesus christ lizards and more!

Return to your accommodation by 8:00 am to enjoy breakfast and recharge for the second part of today’s tour, a hike through the rainforest. At around 9:30 am you will go on a walk through the national park, discovering local plants and spotting wildlife with the help of your guide.

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure to relax at your lodge or discover more of the town on your own.

Overnight in Tortuguero.”

I heard the howler monkeys all night long. It was raining, too. The open room, no windows, just mosquito nets is super comfortable. In the morning everything clears up and it gets sunny.

We go for coffee (is supplied nearly 24/7) and meet at the jetty at 5:50 am for the boat tour through the channels. We are 9 people on the boat + Kevin, the guide and a kid, driving the boat as if he does so since decades.

We see Howler monkeys, tons of birds, lizards, caymans, …

At 08:00 am I am dropped at the lodge and go to have breakfast. This is better than lunch and dinner. fresh fruids, cereals, eggs, rice and beans, …

At 09:50 am Victor picks us up at the jetty again for the walk. same people in the boat. We get off at the National Parks ranger station close to Tortuguero town and walk for 2 hours. Gosh, am I tired.

Leaf ants highway.

If we donot know the name, let’s just call it “black hawk”.

No turtle nesting season. Our guide explains how it works. There is certain spots with places to sit for the tourists. At night they go there with there guide. The guide explains something until the spotter found nesting turtles. The airs the beach segment number. All go there, stay maximum 2 hrs, take their pictures and leave.

On the boat I get home to the lodge, have lunch, tasteless and go to sleep. In the afternoon I run. They donot let you out. Next lodge has a 800 ms trail through the jungle. I run 12 times until dawn. Then I am obliged to leave the trail. The Jaguar could eat me.

Then pool, shower, another tasteless dinner. I start to watch Narcos: Mexico. Better to start after Mexico tour.

Pure Vida.

Accomodation Aninga lodge

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