Day 15: Playa del Carmen

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Day 14 of Mayan Discovery by G-adventures tour

Todays G-adventures itinerary:
“Enjoy a free day to explore the Mayan ruins of Tulúm, visit one of the many cenotes or the diving mecca of Cozumel. Enjoy dinner at a G Adventures-supported community restaurant with a youth-focused art program.

Your G for Good Moment: El Hongo Mexican Community Restaurant & Youth Art Program
El Hongo (which means ‘The Mushroom’) is a volunteer-run restaurant started as a means to create income to support a youth art program in the ‘real’ Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Across the highway from the commercial beach strip is where most locals live – cross onto the unpaved roads and enjoy a delicious home-style meal at the restaurant, while learning more about this much-needed program for the community.

Your Discover MomentPlaya del Carmen Full Day
There’s plenty to see and do in Playa del Carmen, and we wanted to make sure that you had some time to take it all in. Feel free to relax or try optional activities like scuba diving, swimming in a nearby cenote, and visiting the Tulúm ruins. Your CEO has more ideas if you need them. Just ask!”

After some discussions yesterday we reduced the plan from going to Tulum Mayan ruins + 2 Cenotes + Beach to getting a private driver at 8:35 am (of course x:x5), going to Tulum, Lola recommends not to take a guide because not necessary, then no cenotes, but a beach club with shadow and some drinks, opportunity to order food.

So we rush for breakfast to an OXXO supermarket, get some sandwiches there and be ready to go at 08:35 am. Lola cannot join, she has an appointment. We drive 45 mins to Tulum, our driver gets the tickets, we agree to meet at the parking lot at 11:35 again and enter Tulum. There is approximately 1.000 people there, the ruins are for the god of winds nice at the beach, but smaller than the cities we have seen so far and super crowded. 100s of guide offer their services. as we walk through the ruins, we are permanently guided from 4 directions in french, spanish, english, german, even russian. It is superhot and sunny.

So we all are back at the van in time and go for the beach 30 mins. Driver gives us drinks from a coolbox and some mangos and paper bracelets for entrance and we get a table with chairs in the sun. Beach and sea are wonderful, beachclubs are like anywhere turkey.

Food is good. Traders come and sell all kinds of sugered, spicy or salty stuff. By the time we all get sunburned.

At 03:45 pm we meet at the van again and d4ive back to the hotel to be ready to leave for planeterra project at 6 pm. We go to buy a Lycra snorkel shirt somewhere and find them at a ripcurl shop. Playa del Carmen city center is like a shopping mall with all international and especially US brands.

At 6 pm we leave for the planeterra project and dinner.

Lola started a game on yesterdays drive back to Playa del Carmen. Every name in a hat, everybody took one and wrote or said him what was remarkable with him/her on the holiday. I take the last one. “Stay as you are. You are good. I like you.”, now the people exchange and Lola did a rap, limerick about this two weeks.

Of course she needs to attempts to bring it.

Afterwards we walk to the beach to have a last drink together. Lola doesnot drink as always, but orders food. Surprisingly she doesnot finish it.

Accommodation V10 Hotel

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