Day 14: Caye Caulker – Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Day 13 of Mayan Discovery by G-adventures tour

Todays G-adventures itinerary:

“Full travel day to reach Playa del Carmen, the last stop of the adventure.

Head to Playa del Carmen, located on the beach just a 45-minute drive south of Cancún. Enjoy some nightlife, buy last minute souvenirs and relax and swim in the Caribbean.

Just off the coast is the island of Cozumel, renowned for its world-class diving. Take the ferry from Playa del Carmen (30-75 mins depending on the boat) across the turquoise waters and explore the towns and the reefs of the island. For a final dose of ruins, Tulúm is just a 45-minute drive south of Playa.

Water taxi Caye Caulker – Belize City; 45m – 1h; 39km
Jump in and cross the water to the next stop.

Local bus Belize City – Chetuma 3h
Climb aboard and enjoy travel as the locals do.

Border Crossing (Belize – Mexico) Chetumal
Ready for a little more ink in your passport? Grab your bags and get ready to check another country off your bucket list. Mexico entrance tax by land: 35 USD 533 Mexican Pesos if staying more than 7 days, otherwise no entrance tax.

Private Vehicle Chetumal – Playa del Carmen 4h 313km
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.”

We get up early to run. at 8:35 am (of course 35) we will meet downstairs to walk to the harbour and catch the water taxi to Belize City. Lola remebered us multiple times, that she will leave us back behind, if we’ll be late.

At 6:30 am we run to the beach and run up and down Caye Caulker beach to get it to 10 ks.

Then shower in the fog, pack the luggage and breakfast opposite the hotel. We preordered oatmeal, sandwiches, …

At 8:34 am i empty my cup of coffee and cross the street under Lolas strict glance. We walk to the water taxi, get tickets, wait, at 9:00 we leave Caye Caulker in sunshine.

At 10:20 am we arrive in Belize City, get the express a/c chicken bus for 10 USD pP extra and leave to the border of Mexico.

Gabriella Nails harmonize with the book she reads …

The bus is Reggae all the time (with video)

We pay leave Belize …

And surprisingly donot pay the 558 MEX pesos as we enter Mexiko. We learn: less than one week stay, no pay.

In Belize exit everybody has to pay 30 belize dollar exit fee + 7,5 for protected areas + 2,5 handling fee. You can pay in USD, but of course get on the exit of the country get change only in Belize Dollars.

It is super hot.

We go to Mexican immigration. Every passport and hand luggage is checked. Immigration, passports are checked, everybody who stays longer than 7 days has to pay 558 MEX pesos immigration fee. Stamp. Luggage checked again under the eyes of heavily armed military. There is a desk with only a red button on it. Ny fingers start to itch. Luckily we leave the room before I can press the button.

Smaller private bus in Mexico.

We are checked by soldiers again. STG77 armed. Todo bien. We drive for lunch. Driver refuses to lower A/C.

Lunch is on a fantastic lake.

The octopus is super delicious. We olt not to swim here but to continue 4 further hours to Playa del carmen.

Lola starts her front seat acrobatics and tells us the story of the national bird, the quetzal. She misses the point. No problem she reminds the story a little bit, inserts the missing part, some easy forgettable elements (goch, they were hunting something, I do ot know, they just like to hunt back then), does a fast forward, and brings the story to the end. Roaring applause. Enthusiasm and authenticoty can compensate everything. Thanks Lola for the Story.

The bound Auditorium

Ok, Antonia was not so entertained.

Back in the hotel we have some difficulties to get the same room as last time, but the issue is solved. I bring our laundry opposite the street (4 kgs mixed laundry 40 mex pesos, I should have brought more), we hush into the city to get Lycra shirts, what we do for a reasonable price at the RipCurl shop (the whole city of playa is like an American shopping mall), the I get a tuna steak

Day done.

Accommodation V10 Hotel

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