Day 4: Merida – Cenote swimming

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Day 03 of Mayan Discovery (by G Adventures)

At 09:00 am the free Merida city walking tour will start. The hotel offers breakfast for 30 pesos pP. We wake up at 07:00 am, night was not so hot, a cool brise blew through the room. The smelly toilet thing now lives outside our room in the staircase (very smelly there). We have a look at the 30 peso breakfast, but not a second one.

Lolas recommended breakfast location “la cubanita”, opens at 09:00 am, too late. Yesterday we found around the corner the 100 % natural and decided to go for breakfast there, because they open @ 07.00 am. Before that we buy some water and bring it to the hotel.

Breakfast at 100 % natural is super, but starts at 07:30 am. We overdo a little bit, as always. Later Francis joins. Finally good coffee.

The G-adventures program for the day:

Opt to visit the ruins of Uxmal or swim in cenotes (underground pools) in the Yucatán.

Opt to visit ruins of Uxmal, ride the PUUC Route, go bird watching in Celestún, hit the beach in Progreso , visit cenotes in the nearby town of Cuzama, or walk around town and soak in all of the history this city has to offer.

Free time in Mérida Full Day Head out and explore.”

At 09:00 am we are at the tourist information on main square. We register for the tour and wait. By and by nearly all the others of our tour group join. At 09:30 am the tour starts. Our tour guide is approximately 1 m, 70 years, talks Spanish and English at the same time, like a machine gun but he explains a lit of historical this on Merida. The tour is not a lot of walking, but for being based on tips it is fine.

After the city tour which is all in all not really worth the time we go to “100 % natural” to get some delicious sandwiches and then back in the hotel, grab swimming stuff and drive at 11:30 am (in much smaller bus than yesterday) to the first cenote. We plan 3 cenotes in a row.

The last row is really a pain for people taller than 170. We arrive to the first cenote (mucuychi) which is a hole in the ground with water in it. There is some places to jump in from 6 or from 12 m, stairs to go down to the water and already people swimming there.

The cenote is refreshing, some fish in it and surprisingly deep. We swim, jump, eat fruits Lola bought and the driver cut. After some time we continue to the next cenote (yunqu) which is in a cave under a hacienda with a bar and a pool. Two margaritas for the price of one, which is 40 pesos.

We order after swimming and chill in the sun. Then we continue to the last cenote (cank’ryche), which is half in half out of the water. Some guys smoke and party, lola stops them. But not the girls making love in the water … we do our pictures. Everything very instagrammable …

Then we drive home, shower, go for an atm and a supermarket (OXO) and then check for a restaurant. We all end up at market 30, an open wir good court with lotsen auf mexican and international food.

Day 4 done.

Accommodation Hotel Reforma

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